ANZ Share Investing is one of Australia’s most respected online stock brokers and provides a convenient, low cost way to buy and sell shares, warrants, options and ETFs for people who want to manage their own wealth creation. We offer a premium online broker service, that not only has competitive features, but is value for money. Our premium online trading service doesn’t mean that you have to pay premium brokerage. ANZ Share Investing accounts are used by both seasoned traders and traders new to the Australian Securities Market.

Opportunity never rests, so neither do we.
Whether you’re in town or travelling overseas, with us you can invest when, where and how you want and for a lot less than a traditional broker. Simply log on to our website any time, day or night and you’ll have your portfolio, favourite trading tools and the latest market news at your fingertips.

You’re always in control.
To help you make informed trading decisions, in May 2010, we launched Tax Tools Plus and Premium to help you proactively plan around your trading and Capital Gains Tax liabilities; up-to-date market research; and recommendations from a range of independent research companies. We deliver market depth data with up to 10 levels.

Online trading, personal service.
You may be investing online, but if you ever need a real person to answer your questions, we’re here to help. It’s part of our genuine commitment to customer service. So if you ever need help, just call or email the Client Services Team. View our contact details.

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