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ANZ Share Investing is committed to protecting your secure and personal information using cutting edge technology on our web site and trading platforms. However, there are some basic measures that you should take to maintain your online security. Below are some steps which you should take to protect, not only your ANZ Share Investing information, but also your computer in general from potentially harmful software and viruses.
Below are hints and tips on how to help secure your online experience:


System Requirements

Our website is compatible on most operating systems, devices and internet browsers.

If you are experiencing difficulties viewing or accessing our website, it may be worthwhile to check whether you are using the latest version of your internet browser. 

Should you need some assistance, our friendly Client Services team are happy to help. Contact us today.

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Updating your Operating System


Latest Security Updates
We recommend keeping your computer updated with the latest security updates. Details on how to do this are on the following links:


Active Trader Requirements

IRESS Trader Requirements

IRESS Trader is an active trader platform that runs through your internet browser. To use IRESS Trader you will require the following:

  • Latest version of Java installed on your laptop/compter
  • A Java supported internet browser
  • High speed internet connection

Learn more about IRESS Trader.

If clients access IRESS Trader through a firewall, the client software will attempt to initiate a direct socket connection to port 6080 on the Data Feed server. When a direct connection is unavailable a lesser quality connection will be established via port 80 using the HTTP protocol. With either connection (port 6080 or HTTP port 80) the firewall being used must not remove Java applet tags from incoming HTML. Some firewalls can be configured to strip Java applet tags from incoming pages. This product cannot work through such a firewall unless special dispensation is given to HTML from the source server (WEB.IRESS.COM.AU). 
Pro Requirements

Pro is a desktop based application available to users with laptops/computers on the Windows Operating System. Pro requires the following to operate:

  • Computer or laptop on Windows OS
  • High speed internet connection

Learn more about Pro.


Online Security

Our website utilises SSL (secure socket layer) technology for all communications. We also utilise encrypted cookies to retain your logged on status. This multiple layer approach to security is designed to ensure the protection of your private information. Look for the Padlock Symbol either at the bottom of your internet browser or at the end of the address bar. The presence of this padlock indicates you have connected to our secure environment.
Internet Explorer Firefox Safari
IE 8 Padlock Firefox Padlock Safari Padlock

Protecting yourself online

To protect your identity as well as your investments, it is important that you take the appropriate measures to protect yourself so you do not become a victim of crimes such as scamming, identity theft or fraud.
Read some helpful tips for protecting yourself online.


Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and above
Firefox may automatically select a certificate, to see Firefox's security and certificate settings click on Tools then Options.
> Firefox 1.5: Click on the Advanced icon then the Security tab. > Firefox 2.0 or above: Click on the Advanced icon then the Encryption tab.
Firefox 1.5 Advanced Security Firefox 2. Advanced Security
Safari - Mac OS
If you are seeing a message such as below, your certificate may be out of date, select “trust” to accept the certificate.
Safari Certificate

Protect your Passwords

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This website does not use the version of Open SSL impacted by the Heartbleed bug and so customers do not need to change their passwords as a result of this vulnerability. It is a measure of good practice though to change your password on a regular basis.
To help protect your account against unauthorized access while you are away from your computer we will log you out of your current session after 30 minutes of inactivity. However, you can further protect your account by not accessing your account in public places like libraries or Internet café’s, where PC’s may not be free from Viruses and Trojans that can capture your log on information.
We recommend that you change your passwords regularly. When choosing your passwords try not use generic or common passwords (for example, 1234, your surname, or a pets name) that may be easy for somebody to guess. We do not recommend you store your passwords on your computer, as they may be easily accessible if your computer is compromised. Keep your passwords safe and do not disclose them to any other unauthorized person.
The Internet Explorer Auto-complete feature may remember Usernames and Passwords that you enter for your convenience. We recommend that you do not allow this feature to remember your passwords. You can set your browser to prompt you before saving a password. You can access these settings through the “Content” tab of “Internet Options”.
Mozilla Firefox also contains a Password Remembering service. We recommend that you do not allow this feature to remember your passwords however Firefox allows an additional level of security using a master password.
To set a master password or view password settings:
  1. Select 'Options'
  2. Click on the 'Security' tab
  3. To turn off the remembering of logins, ensure that 'Remember logins for sites' is left unticked.
  4. To set a master password, tick 'Use master password' and set your password.

Logging off the ANZ Share Investing website

After you log out, please be sure to close your internet browser to enhance the security of your account information. This is especially important if other people can access the computer you are using, for instance if you are at an internet café.


Install Anti-Virus Software

Viruses and trojans (such as keystroke loggers) can infect your computer at any time and corrupt your computer's software or data. Viruses and trojans can be downloaded from the internet, from email attachments or from file storage media. Viruses can cause detrimental effects to your software and data if not detected and removed properly from your machine.

To protect your computer and your data, install anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date. The threat of new viruses infecting your machine is constant so the best way to keep your machine immune to these new viruses is to keep your antivirus software up to date. Most anti-virus software will include an auto-update feature for this purpose.

Use Firewall Software

A firewall is a piece of software or hardware that blocks unwanted information and access to your computer. A firewall will potentially block all Internet traffic to a computer unless the user specifically allows it. The use of a firewall is good practice for blocking hacker attempts and port scanning on your computer, which can compromise the security of your personal information. These programs can typically let you choose what programs are allowed to access the internet, preventing unauthorised access.

Firewalls can also stop spyware from sending your personal information from your computer across the internet.

Install Anti-Spyware/Adware Software

Spyware is third party software used to keep track of particular users movements online. Spyware is can be used for marketing purposes by companies interested in your internet usage and activity. These programs can also send out your personal details such as your name, email address, and other personal information. Although most spyware do not affect your machine drastically, some spyware can be critical and cause disruptions to your Internet experience. It is very important to keep your anti-spyware software up to date so that it can identify and remove current spyware programs.

Ad-ware is similar to spyware, although it re-directs your browser to connect to unwanted and unknown websites. These websites may pop-up at any time whilst online in one or multiple windows.


There are a range of excellent anti-spyware and anti-adware software available free of charge from


Email Security and Fraud

ANZ Share Investing is aware that some clients have received fraudulent emails, purporting to originate from ANZ Share Investing Financial, that request clients to verify personal details by clicking on a link contained within the email. ANZ Share Investing treats your privacy extremely seriously and will never send an email asking you to verify your log on details.

If you have received an email asking you to confirm your personal information, please delete it immediately and do not click on the link.

For the security of your account you should always log on to the ANZ Share Investing website by typing the website address into the address bar in your browser. If you are concerned that the security of your account details may have been compromised, please contact our Client Services team immediately.


Safe and secure tips for online trading
Hoax emails claiming to be from ANZ Share Investing are often generated overseas, and are sent in bulk. The email asks the recipient to provide sensitive information such as their username, password, Customer Registration Number or PIN by providing a link leading to a fake website, enabling thieves to gather the details for later fraudulent use.

Usually the hoax email shows a fake website mimicking the ‘look and feel’ of ANZ Share Investing’s website.

Important: We will never send you an email requesting your personal details or log on information.

If you receive an email requesting you to re-register or re-enter sensitive details, delete it immediately and contact us.

You can minimise your chances of being a victim of these scams by:

  • Typing ‘’ into your Internet browser to log on to your trading account.
  • Treating all emails requesting personal log on information such as username, password or PIN with extreme caution.
    Authentic ANZ Share Investing emails will not request personal details or log on information.
  • Immediately deleting emails of unknown origins, no matter how innocent or provocative the subject headings sound.
  • Changing your password on a regular basis.
  • Keeping your anti-virus and firewalls up-to-date and perform regular scans of your computer.


Rollover Menus

Rollover menus allow you to speed up how you navigate through the ANZ Share Investing website. When you hover your mouse over any of the main tabs you’ll be able to see all the links to pages within that category.

If you prefer the static menu option, you can switch off the rollover feature. The rollover menus can be switched on or off by clicking the icon next to the “add to favourites” icon on the home page as shown below:

To switch rollover menus back on click the icon again. Hovering your mouse over the icon will tell you if your menu is currently static or dynamic.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
Several areas of the website require Adobe Acrobat reader to be installed on your computer to be accessed. Acrobat is primarily required when you open your contract notes or view a news announcement. Obtaining Acrobat Reader is a free download from the Adobe homepage.

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