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Time and Date Differences


Time and Date Differences

Our Security Certificate verification process compares the date and time set on your computer in order to establish a secure connection. This verification also established your secure session, which is timed out after 30 minutes of inactivity causing you to be logged out of our website.

Please follow the steps below to configure your time, date, and time zone settings so that you may log on to our website successfully and securely.

Windows Operating System
  1. Click on the time on your windows status bar and select 'Change date and time settings'. This is usually on the bottom right corner of your computer’s desktop.
  2. Select 'Change time zone'. Make sure that the time zone matches your locality and select 'Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings' if you are in a state that uses daylight savings then press 'OK'.
  3. Select the 'Change date & time'. Ensure that the time and date are exactly correct, and make sure that if you are using a 12 hour clock that the correct AM/PM settings are selected.
  4. Close your Internet browser. Open a new Internet browser and log on to our website.


MAC Operating System
Learn how to change the time on your MAC desktop/laptop here.


Please note: You must have administrator privileges in order to make the above changes. Please contact your network administrator if you do not have the appropriate access.

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