Our advanced options platform offers you powerful tools that can help remove the guesswork from trading. Take advantage of our Payoff Diagrams, Options Finder Tool and Options Pricing Tool.


Index Options 
Trade options over the S&P/ ASX 200 index. If you hold a view on how the market as a whole will perform, buying or selling Index Options may be a way to profit from your view or protect your share portfolio!

Equity Options
Trade options over the largest companies in Australia! Options are a versatile product that can allow you to gain protection from falls, earn extra income if the market is flat or generate leveraged returns if the market rallies.

Our Options Platform can provide access to some of the most sophisticated option tools in the market. This access gives you simple and fast solutions, taking your options trading to a whole new level.  See below for more information.
Why trade Options with us?
Our advanced options platform offers you powerful tools that remove the guesswork, including:
Options Finder Tool
Our Options Finder helps you choose the options that meet your chosen strategy at the click of a button.
See instantly what your potential profits may be with a pay-off or profit / risk diagram before placing the order.
Find which options are overpriced or underpriced according to your assumptions. Analyse the option price using theoretical pricing models with the ability to change assumptions and see the impact on the option valuations.
Portfolio Management
Once your Options strategy is executed, you can see it in your Portfolio as an entire strategy, rather than individual legs. This means you’ll be able judge your position at any time.
Plus, all the other benefits of trading with us:
Dynamic Margining which means specific equity positions aren’t tied up.
The convenience of trading equities, warrants and options on the one platform.
You’ll love the ease of trading with us, so why not take a closer look at trading options with us now.

The Risks:

As with any investment product that offers the potential for profit, there is a corresponding potential for loss. The ANZ Share Investing Exchange Traded Options Product Disclosure Statement details key risks associated with investing in Options.

The information and any advice on this webpage has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting upon any advice, you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. Derivative products such as Options can be complex and may not be suitable for some investors. Before purchasing Options you should obtain the ANZ Share Investing Exchange Traded Option Product Disclosure Statement and consider the Statement carefully before making any decision.


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