Share Trading: Selling Shares

Shares can be sold easily and conveniently through the ANZ Share Investing website. You can sell your shares either at market prices or at a limit of your choice.

ANZ Share Investing provides you with access to up-to-the-minute share prices. Real-time share prices can assist you with determining when is the right to sell.

We use the latest available online security to safeguard all transactions performed on our website. You can sell shares with confidence knowing your transaction is secure.

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Before you can start selling shares through ANZ Share Investing, you need to open an account. It costs absolutely nothing to become a customer. So what are you waiting for? Apply today and start taking control of your financial future.

Selling Shares Bought Through Another Broker
If you have bought shares through a stockbroker or another online broker, you can still sell these shares through ANZ Share Investing after opening an account with us. When you open an account, simply choose the options to transfer your broker sponsored shares to ANZ Share Investing and attach the appropriate paperwork with your application.

Top 10 Net Sells
To find out what shares other ANZ Share Investing customers are buying, selling and holding, visit our Top 10 Net Sells.

Share Selection Made Easy
Be guided by our free expert research. Find out more about the ANZ Share Investing Share Pack.

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