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Sym. Price Chg. Volume
TLS 2.87 0.08 arrow up 67.67m
WFD 8.86 0.07 arrow up 49.09m
S32 3.75 -0.02 arrow down 25.87m
BHP 33.07 -0.84 arrow down 17.43m
STO 5.89 -0.01 arrow down 11.66m
BXB 9.11 0.00 9.29m
A2M 10.00 0.17 arrow up 8.02m
NAB 26.89 0.03 arrow up 6.82m
ANZ 27.87 0.11 arrow up 6.63m
WBC 28.29 -0.17 arrow down 5.64m

Dow Jones Australian Dollar/Credit Report