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Sym. Price Chg. Volume
TLS 2.79 0.03 arrow up 33.93m
S32 3.54 -0.11 arrow down 25.32m
AWC 2.75 -0.12 arrow down 20.67m
SCG 4.37 0.01 arrow up 16.54m
CSR 4.05 -0.35 arrow down 14.26m
BHP 32.91 -0.70 arrow down 9.10m
GMG 9.65 0.02 arrow up 8.92m
APT 14.38 0.85 arrow up 6.93m
BXB 9.63 0.04 arrow up 6.43m
WBC 29.90 0.20 arrow up 5.48m

Dow Jones Australian Dollar/Credit Report