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Getting Started
Deciding what to invest in can be a difficult decision. If you would like to gain an insight into trading, this is a great place to start.
The tabs in this section will give you access to some key insights into other traders’ behaviour, as well as stock tips and ideas that can help you on your way to making your own trading decisions.
ANZ Share Investing SharePack™
Our SharePack™ allows you to invest, with as little as $5,500, in 8 pre-selected shares with the ease of just one transaction and one fee. You may benefit by holding a diversified portfolio which spreads your investment risk over multiple sectors of the market. With the SharePack, we've already started some of the work in choosing shares, as the shares have been picked based on a consensus view of leading independent analysts.
View the list of shares in the SharePack.
Top 10
For an easy to access list of the most bought, sold and held stocks amongst ANZ Share Investing clients, consider our ‘Top 10’. This provides you with an insight into current market activity.
More information on:
Top 10 Stock Buys
Top 10 Stock Sells
Top 10 Stocks Held
More Ideas
If you've thought about SharePacks and tried the Top 10, but are still looking for a few more trading ideas consider these:

View SharePack™ page for more information.


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