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ANZ Share Investing SharePack™
At ANZ Share Investing, we provide free access to a broad selection of independent expert broker analysts who rate many of the companies on the ASX. The SharePack™ is based on their consensus view - it's designed to make your selection simpler.
The SharePack allows you to:
Invest in 8 shares with the ease of just one transaction
Save money with just one low transaction fee starting from $80
Decide how much you want to invest, starting from just $5,500
Gain confidence by holding a diversified portfolio
Save time. With the shares pre-selected, we've already done some of the work for you
Have the reassurance that it’s based on leading independent analysts with a consistent methodology.
Below is the current ANZ Share Investing SharePack: 


ASX CodeCompany NameIndustry Sector
BKLBLACKMORES LIMITEDHousehold & Personal Products
CSLCSL LIMITEDPharmaceuticals, Biotechnology &
BXBBRAMBLES LIMITEDCommercial & Professional Servic
How does it work?#
Each week we look at the 10 investment segments^^
We then consider the largest 5 companies in each sector^^^
Then we select companies based on the consensus recommendations of our independent broker analysts for the largest 8 of the 10 sectors
The ANZ Share Investing SharePack is an excellent opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of shares while taking advantage of a low brokerage rate.
For help in placing a trade, please contact us.
^ We access research through Morningstar, which is an independent company to ANZ Share Investing. Stocks in the SharePack are collated from a panel of contributing Morningstar brokers (small through to institutional). We therefore do not endorse any opinion, or recommendation of our panel of independent analysts. View the brokers providing a Consensus Estimate on a given stock through the Quotes & Research > Shares tab, insert the stock code and choose ‘Consensus Estimates’ from the drop-down list.
# How the SharePack is calculated: The 10 investment sectors are monitored weekly. The top 8 sectors by Market Capitalisation are considered. Similar to the ASX 200, we remove stock with Market Capitalisation (i.e. the total number of shares on issue multiplied by the market price) approximately below $1billion. The largest 5 companies in each sector are then chosen by their Market Capitalisation. Based on the daily updated consensus estimates of Morningstar, the most popular company for each of the 8 sectors are chosen weekly (note that companies that have recently traded on a deferred settlement (e.g. with DA after the company ticker code) may be excluded).
^^ The Australian share market is divided into 10 sectors, according to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). These are: consumer discretionary, consumer staples, energy, financials, health care, industrials, information technology, materials, telecommunication services and utilities.
^^^ Size is determined by the value of Market Capitalisation.
The information and any advice on this webpage has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting upon any advice, you should consider whether it is appropriate for you.  The SharePack is a list of 8 stocks which our independent broker analysts generally recommend be purchased in a given week. Our consensus estimates are calculated based on a range of analysts' recommendations which may differ from individual recommendations provided on our website. It is prepared based upon their recommendations at a point in time and will change each week in line with these recommendations. Where a consensus estimate is identical within a particular GICS sector, the stock chosen that week will be the stock with the larger market capitalisation. By purchasing the SharePack, you are investing in equal amounts in the 8 stocks that make up the SharePack. Once purchased, you can however sell down individual holdings at your discretion in accordance with our Trading Terms and Conditions. Please remember that shares can fall in value as well as increase in value. ANZ Share Investing does not provide any monitoring services in relation to the SharePack. It is up to you to monitor your stock on an ongoing basis as the decision of when to buy and when to sell your stock rests entirely with you. The ANZ Share Investing website contains research from several independent research providers to assist you to do this.


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