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We provide a range of sophisticated tools, which can help you make informed share trading decisions. Our standard brokerage rates in Australian Dollars (including GST) are as follows:

Internet Trading

Trades per calendar month up to $5,000 $5,001 - $10,000 $10,001 - $28,000 over $28,000
1st $19.95 $24.95 $29.95 0.11% of the trade value
2nd & subsequent Greater of $19.95 or 0.11% of the trade value

Telephone Trading

Trades up to $15,000 $15,001 - $55,000 $55,001 - $1 million over $1 million
All $69.95 0.40% of the trade value 0.35% of the trade value 0.13% of the trade value
Global Shares

Trade on 11 major international exchanges from the same Portfolio as your domestic stocks with our award winning Global Shares product. Brokerage fees are detailed below:

Internet and telephone trading

Trades up to $10,000 over $10,000
All $59.00 0.59% of the trade value

Please note: The minimum trade value for Global Shares is AU$2,000. This does not include the brokerage fee. We may, at our discretion, accept sell orders for less than this amount in exceptional circumstances.

Foreign currency exchange rate

We charge up to 0.6% of the foreign currency exchange rate applicable to the international trade, as our fee for undertaking the foreign currency exchange.

The fee for transfers of certificated holdings into the Global Shares Service is $50 per certificate. Electronic transfers into the Global Shares Service are $10 per shareholding. The fee for outgoing transfers to either another custodian or direct registration to client is $100 per shareholding.

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Conditional Orders
Don't have time to watch the market? ANZ Share Investing allows you to maximise your trading opportunities by automatically watching the market on your behalf. You set the conditions to buy or sell shares at a certain price and we do the rest!

Basic Orders - Allows you to set price, upper/lower limit and cumulative volume.

Intermediate Orders -  Includes additional features such as trailing price measurement and order trigger at delay after market open/halt before market close.

Advanced Orders (Straddle Sell) -  Includes all basic and intermediate features as well as the ability to set two conditional sell orders; one as a profit target and the other as a trailing stop.

Advanced Orders (Buy Then Sell) - Includes all basic and intermediate features as well as the ability to set two conditional sell orders.

There are no additional costs to place a Conditional Order. If the order executes, standard internet brokerage applies.

You can receive SMS or email alerts when your Conditional orders trigger and execute. 


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The SharePack is designed to assist share selection. The list of ASX companies is chosen from the consensus of recommendations of a broad selection of independent experts and allows you to invest in eight shares in just one transaction.

Trades $5,500 - $80,000 over $80,000
All $80.00 0.11% of the trade value

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