Conditional Orders


Stop Loss. Let Conditional Orders watch the market for you and place your orders when you can't.

Stop Loss. Let Conditional Orders watch the market for you.

Conditional Orders give you the potential to stop losses and seize profits - automatically. They’re like an extra set of eyes that can vigilantly watch your investments for you.
Conditional Orders help you:
  • Maximise your trading opportunities by automatically watching the market on your behalf
  • Maintain discipline by removing emotional distractions and time barriers
  • Active traders can execute strategies with maximum efficiency
  • Less-experienced investors can build more confidence
  • Protect the value of your portfolio
  • Offer peace of mind that your investments are being constantly monitored.
Put simply, Conditional Orders instruct us to monitor a particular stock on your behalf and, should the share price reach your predefined target, a Buy or Sell order will be triggered automatically.
You can choose from Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Conditional Orders.
It costs nothing to place a Conditional Order; you only pay our standard brokerage rates if your order is executed.
Conditional Orders remain active until the last day of the third full calendar month after the end of the month in which you place it i.e. if you place/modify a conditional order on 11 January, the order will expire on 30 April. You can also view and modify your unexecuted Conditional Orders whenever you like without charge.

Notification of your Conditional Orders – no matter where you are
We’ll email you a monthly report of your untriggered Conditional Orders. You can also receive SMS or email alerts when your Conditional Orders trigger and execute.


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